The Honest Trailer For "Wonder Woman" Will Remind You Why Its The Best Comic Film In Years

As a BIG comic book guy, I can confidently say that Wonder Woman was the best comic book film I’ve seen for some time. Don’t believe me? Let this GIF do the talking then:

Anyway, Wonder Woman was everything that superhero movies are supposed to be: kick-ass, funny, and full of heart. And while the script was tight and the action scenes on point, we can’t help but feel like most of the credit needs to be given to Gal Gadot, who turned in an intoxicating performance as Diana Prince.
Whether it be her adorable cluelessness towards the human world or her fierceness in battle, Gadot gave us the Wonder Woman the DCEU doesn’t deserve, but needs right now.

The highlight of the video though (other than just looking at Gal Gadot in all her feral beauty) is ScreenJunkies updated ranking of the Great Hollywood Chris-Off, which now see Chris Pine take a narrow lead over Chris Pratt at the top.
Just, wow:

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