Solo New York Released A Very Lit Varsity Bag Collection

Solo New York has some pretty cool products. Their Varsity Bag Collection is sleek and sporty and easily portable. You can go from hanging with your friends to running in the park and back again. Just be sure to keep a change of clothes in the bag unless your friends don’t mind your sweaty workout stench (some do).
The Varsity Collection has a vibe that’s a combination of retro collegiate sports and modern design. If you need a new bag for class, workout, hangouts, etc., then you’re probably going to want to check out the deals offered by Solo New York. Peep the many options of bags that are both cool and convenient.
Bag colors vary between “sleek, city cool black” and “deep burgundy.” Click here to buy a bag from Solo New York’s Varsity Collection.

Solo New York’s Varsity Bag Collection

Peak Backpack

Solo New York
Looking for a bag with a lightweight design and a safe place to hold your laptop. The Peak Backpack has you covered and it’s only $39.99! Bring some class to class with this bag!

Draft Backpack

Solo New York
The Draft Backpack is both hip and smart for those on-the-go moments. It’s good for both the street and the classroom. You can take this light-weight bag pretty much everywhere. Plus, it’ll help you stay organized with pockets for your laptop, tablet, and much more. It’ll also help you stay comfortable with padded back and strips. It’s good to stay cool and comfortable for just $49.99.

Elite Backpack

Solo New York
The Elite Backpack is good for almost every occasion and you can comfortably carry many different items inside (minus the kitchen sink, obviously). Padded stips will add that much-needed comfort and support. Plus, there’s plenty of compartments to put your laptop, shoes, tablet, and gear. All you need is $79.99 and the Elite Backpack is all yours!

All-Star Hybrid Backpack / Duffel

Solo New York
The All-Star Hybrid Backpack/Duffel Bag offers a lightweight hybrid division that is trendy, spacious, and organized. You’ll have plenty of space to put your shoes, laundry, tablet or lunch. All you need is $79.99 and the All-Star Hybrid Backpack/Duffel can be all yours!
Interested in shopping with Solo New York? You can select any one of their great products from the Varsity Bag Collection by clicking here.

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