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Of all the stupid, illogical choices that ESPN has made over the last couple of years, the worst decision of them all was to put Cari Champion on the 12 PM Sportscenter while everyone is at work and school.
Easily both the most talented and best-looking personality Sportscenter has to offer, Champion should have been moved to a primetime position years ago. ESPN seems to finally be wisening up, as rumors suggest Champion will be taking over for Michelle Beadle when she leaves to co-host Mike Greenberg’s new ESPN morning show.
Champion, who is 42-years-old (what?!?!? I thought she had just barely cracked 30) was a reporter for the Tennis Channel and the host of First Take before she became an anchor for the noon hour of Sportscenter. In college, Champion majored in English and minored in mass communications at UCLA while also writing for the Daily Bruin.
Hopefully, the rumors of ESPN are true and Champion takes over a primetime shift ASAP because we all deserve more of her in our lives.

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