All Those Super Rich & Famous Girls Are On Vacation & Have The Fire Pictures To Prove It



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Folks, while social media is ultimately a drag on our lives (a notion that I’m 96% sure is backed by science), it does come with its perks, one of the biggest being the rise of  Instagram models, and conversely, models who use Instagram. And that includes models such as Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid.

As if they were ripped from a garbage “so bad it’s good” 90’s movie about L.A. girls, Baldwin, Jenner, and Hadid are all the beautiful, young, famous daughters of equally famous and rich families.

And when they’re not spending their time racking in millions of dollars on the runway, they’re just like the regular girls you know. Except, like, 30 times richer and 50 times hotter.


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