Are You An Average Drug User? Study Shows How Much Money Americans Spend On Drugs

A fascinating new study conducted has detailed which drugs Americans do most and which parts of the country spend the most on said drugs.
Given the rise of states legalizing marijuana, as well as the rate of overdoses, scientists began taking a closer look at how people are consuming narcotics in this country. The study found that Alaskans spend a daily average of $384 on drugs, nearly five times more than other states. Talk about supply and demand.
As for the country’s most-used drug, it should come as no surprise that Marijuana led the pack by a MILE, accounting for more than 70% of all the nation’s drug use (just imagine if it was legalized across the board and taxed to high hell) The next closetst drug was white girl AKA nose candy AKA blow AKA cocaine at 6.5%.
To figure out this data, polled 1,000 drug users about their spending habits.


Of the 1,000 drug users we surveyed who acknowledged at least one misused substance in the past 12 months, more than 70 percent told us they’d used marijuana at least once. While some states across the country have legalized marijuana for various purposes, including recreational use, the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates that misuse of marijuana can lead to dependence, and that nearly a third of those who use marijuana develop some degree of marijuana use disorder. Their daily spend eclipsed $25 a day, equating to nearly $9,000 a year.
The use of powerfully addictive stimulants like cocaine accounted for less than seven percent of those we surveyed, but they spent more than three times the amount of money on drugs every day than those who told us they’d missed substances like marijuana, opiates, or ecstasy. At more than $83 a day on average, a person who becomes dependent on cocaine could spend more than $16,000 over the course of their lifetime on obtaining the substance.

In total, Americans spend over $100 billion on drugs annually.
If you’re interested, check out the full story over on It’s thoroughly interesting to see just how much money goes into the illegal drug industry every year, and how little the war on drugs is doing to combat it.

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