Complete And Utter Cuck Licks Boot Of Hate Group Because He Cares About "Justice"

This is next level cuckery at its finest. A white guilt-ridden beta-male passes by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites and proceeds to lick a boot clean upon request. The beta-male claims to care about “justice,” and one preaching Israelite put this guy’s SJW stats to the test and said, “So if you’re really a man of justice, bow down your face to the earth and lick the dust off of my boot.”
And you probably know what happened next…
The beta-male shrugs his shoulders, asks if that’s what they really want him to do, and then gets down on his knees to lick the boot of the vocal Black Israelite. Sounds kinda kinky to me.
And as you might expect, the whole group of Black Hebrew Israelites cheered and celebrated. They were as pleased as pie. Damn, if this was prison, that beta-male would be…well, you get the picture.

Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites?

They’re a collective of African Americans who believe themselves to be direct descendants of the ancient Israelites. There are fringe groups within the Black Hebrew Israelites, who promote black supremacist ideals and rhetoric that cast people with “white” skin as being part of a demon race hated by God. The Southern Poverty Law Center stated that members of such groups, “believe that Jews are devilish impostors and … openly condemn whites as evil personified, deserving only death or slavery.”
Here are the groups designated as black supremacy groups by either the SPLC or the Anti-Defamation League: Nation of Yahweh (SPLC), the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ (SPLC), 12 Tribes of Israel (Anti-Defamation League).
By the way, the beta-male in the video isn’t the only one who has kissed and/or licked the boot(s) of the Black Hebrew Israelites. The hippie in the next video gets down on his knees and kisses the boots of several of the “prophets” on stage. He is wearing a tye-dye shirt and he gets down on his knees at about the 5:32 mark as he is told to “bow down right here.”

In the next video, two anti-Trump protesters submit to the power of the preachers. They repent for all the racism they’re told Trump has been spreading, as they get on their knees and kiss the boot of each priest from the Black Hebrew Israelites group. Skip ahead to the 7:04 mark to see the smooching. Geez. What complete and total cucks…

We’re all consenting adults here. So, I have nothing against the activities depicted (at least on a legal basis). It’s definitely awful to be apart of a group that demonizes certain people just for the color of their skin. This is certainly something Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, would not have wanted.
But hey, maybe kissing/licking the boot of someone in order to achieve a level of “justice,” would be therapeutic to these cucks. They’ve been humbled, dominated, and the subject of humorous online banter.
“This is true love. This is love in action right here,” says one preacher in the next video as a woman gets down on her knees to kiss a black boot in the next video. “We’re the true peace and prophets of God.”
At the 3:54 minute mark, she gets down on her knees to kiss some boots…

Well…if everybody’s doing it. Lulz. Those folks are the best shoe-shiners/boot-licks on the planet. This is borderline eroticism.
In 2017, being a cuck is totally hip.

To those who bent a knee, a part of me says, “Come on, have a little more respect for yourselves. Plus you’re kissing the boots of a hate group.” But then another part of me says, “Lol. That’s some hilarious sh*t. Do whatever you want. It’s a free country. Thanks for the laughs.”

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