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Tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live opens up with SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon hyping up his blue team on the go-home show before Survivor Series. Let’s get right to Shane O’Mac right now!

WWE SmackDown Live Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: Spectrum Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now

SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon Rallies Up The Lockerroom

Shane O’Mac is getting Team Blue absolutely hyped and inspired before they battle the very best from Monday Night Raw at this Sunday’s Survivor Series. Shane says that they’ll show who’s the dominant brand, and after Sunday, they won’t be known as the “B-Show,” but “The Show.”


SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan Has Something To Say

Daniel Bryan says that he’s lucky to be back after getting choke-slammed to hell by Kane on Raw.  Bryan says he shouldn’t have went over to Raw alone. But Daniel Bryan is much like SmackDown, if you knock them down, they’ll come back and hit you twice as hard. Raw is looking pretty weak. It got ransacked by SmackDown a couple weeks back. The GM mentions there’s a good chance that the red brand will be looking to get some payback tonight. Bryan promises to provide a much better show than Raw, and starts off tonight’s show by introducing the new WWE Champion…
AJ Styles comes to a huge pop. Daniel Bryan says that Brock Lesnar has his own hype-man, so it’s only appropriate for Styles to have his own too. Bryan builds up Styles, while mocking Paul Heyman’s promo style. Bryan says that Brock is big and his head is thick, but he will fall to Styles at Survivor Series. Styles says that Heyman is wrong, this isn’t a Rocky movie, this is AJ Styles Production. At Survivor Series, he’ll beat Lesnar and prove that SmackDown is the A-show.


Jinder Mahal is coming for AJ Styles after Survivor Series

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has some strong words for AJ Styles. After Styles battles Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, he should watch his back for The Modern Day Maharaja…


WWE United States Championship match: Baron Corbin (c) vs. Sin Cara

The two men tangle up. Corbin is trying to control Sin Cara, who is flying all over the place. Cara is kicking ass, and Corbin is reeling outside the ring as we go the commercial break. Sin Cara is chasing Corbin around the ring. Corbin enters the ring and Sin Cara tries to springboard in, but eats Corbin’s first instead. Corbin leaves the ring and throws his opponent into the barricade.
Sin Cara fights back, as Corbin tries to toss him into the barricade again. Sin Cara is in control in the ring until Corbin runs in with a big-time clothesline.
After a back-and-forth match, Corbin hits the End of Days to seal the deal on Sin Cara.


Baron Corbin defeats Sin Cara to retain the WWE United States Championship

The Bludgeon Brothers Debut Next Week!

The WWE Universe already known Wyatt Family alumnus Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. But they’ve never met them as The Bludgeon Brothers. Let’s see how this gimmick turns out for the former NXT Tag Team Champions…


Daniel Bryan is Pissed Off at Shane McMahon

SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan is a little annoyed about Commissioner Shane McMahon’s recent tactics. He doesn’t appreciate the “Under Siege” attack on Monday Night Raw, which left Bryan open to assault by “The Big Red Machine” Kane when he tried to mend the problem.


WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match: Natalya (c) vs. Charlotte Flair


Charlotte tries to roll-up the champion for an easy win right from the start. Natalya wiggles through, but Charlotte is still on the hunt. “The Queen” Charlotte sends Natalya into the barrier and then makes her eat a big boot. Flair is kicking ass and has the champion reeling as we go to the commercial break.

Natalya is in control as we return from the break. Charlotte wiggles out of an excruciating submission hold and turns the tide. Charlotte and Natalya’s fight spills out to ringside. Charlotte climbs up on the barrier, but her decision back-fires when Natalya grabs her and sends her sailing into the ring post with a running powerbomb. Nattie brings the fight back in the ring and applies a Sharp-shooter on Charlotte, who grabs hold of the ropes. Charlotte turns the tide big-time with a huge kick to Natalya’s face. Nattie’s fate was soon sealed with Charlotte’s Figure Eight submission hold.
After a back-and-forth match, Natalya taps out to a Figure Eight leg lock.

Charlotte Flair defeats Natalya to become the new WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion


Ric Flair Surprises Charlotte after her championship win

Woooooooo!!!! Ric Flair shows just why he will always be The Man. But really…this is his daughter’s Charlotte’s moment. She’s just won her seventh championship in the WWE. She’s just nine title reigns shy of tying with her father’s 16 world title reigns. Now, she can add the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship to her long list of accomplishments. By the way, she’s only been on the main roster a little over two years. I wonder how many title reigns she’ll have by the time she’s her dad’s age.


Jimmy Uso vs. Chad Gable

Jimmy Uso takes control of the match early on, putting the punishment on Chad Gable. Uso has Gable tanged up in the ropes. Gable’s partner Shelton Benjamin jumps up on the ring apron, which distracts Uso. Gable capitalizes on this distraction and takes out Jimmy Uso by the knee.
Chad Gable is constantly focusing on the knee of Jimmy Uso, who is riving in pain. Uso tries fighting back, but gets crashes and burns. Gable lifts up Uso and drops Uso right on the knee. Gable is solidly in control and takes his time ascending the top rope, Jimmy Uso recovers and takes Gable out by the knee. Uso regains control and takes out Gable with a Rikishi-style back-splash into the corner.
Jey Uso jumps up on the ring apron and annihilates Shelton Benjamin by kicking him in the face. Meanwhile, Jimmy destroys Chad with a superkick in the ring for the win.


Jimmy Uso defeats Chad Gable

The New Day vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn


Before the match, The New Day hype their match against The Shield at Survivor Series. They say that The New Day will never betray each other and will be still going strong by WrestleMania season while The Shield will already be split up. Why? Because New Day rocks!
Big E of the New Day controls the early moment of the match, as he spears Kevin Owens into the corner. Owens turns the tide and hurls E into the barricade as we go to the commercial break.
When we return from the break Sami Zayn is in controlling Xavier Woods with a submission hold. Owens gets the tag and locks Woods into a sleeper hold. Woods rallies out, punching Owens in the gut, but KO fires back with a kick and a DDT. Owens isn’t able to put away Woods with a pin, so he grabs him by the head and brings him over to Sami Zayn.
Zayn gets the tag and continues the punishment on Woods. But Woods fights out, knocks KO off the ring apron and tags in Big E who dominates Sami Zayn. Big E is sending Zayn to Suplex City. Xavier Woods takes to the air and knocks Owens out of the ring.
But then…The Shield’s music hits. The crowd goes nuts.
The Shield surround the ring. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens exits the ring. The Shield come in to assault The New’s Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods. The Shield are stomping out The New Day. The Usos run down to the ring and assist The New Day. Sheamus and Cesaro are out next. The ring is enveloped in absolute chaos.
Backstage, the women from Monday Night Raw invade the locker-room of the SmackDown women’s division. The Raw women kick everyone’s ass inside that locker-room. Charlotte Flair is on her knees in front of Sasha Banks and the other Raw women.
Meanwhile, in the ring, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe join the brawl. A bunch of other wrestlers from Raw and SmackDown join the fight, including commissioner Shane McMahon. Then Raw GM Kurt Angle brings out Braun Strowman who destroys everyone in his path from Zack Ryder to Shane McMahon to Dolph Ziggler. The Shield drags Shane McMahon around the ring. Sheamus starts punching Shane in the head and then Titus O’Neil appears to spit on Shane’s face. Samoe Joe smacks Xavier Woods in the back with Francesca the Trombone.
Kurt Angle condemns Shane McMahon to a triple powerbomb from The Shield. Angle takes off his suit jacket, revealing a red Raw t-shirt. The Shield pick up Shane and Kurt hits him with an Angle Slam. The Shield pick up Shane once more and send him crashing back to the mat with another triple powerbomb.


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