A Round-Up Of All The Mean Things Written About Giants Coach Ben McAdoo

screenshot via New York Giants Twitter

If you haven’t already heard, the New York Giants — a team that came into the season with Super Bowl aspirations — are arguably the worst team in the NFL not based in Cleveland. And not only are the Giants losing, but they’re getting embarrassed. Over the last three weeks, the Giants have lost 24-7 at home against the Seahawks, 51-17 at HOME against the Rams, and then 31-21 at the previously winless San Fransisco.

But more troubling then the results themselves is the body language and attitude of the players and coaches alike, specifically head coach Ben McAdoo, who is painfully, clearly in over his head.

WATCH: Coach Ben McAdoo's postgame reaction following Sunday's game pic.twitter.com/H8grDWLiNi

— New York Giants (@Giants) November 13, 2017

Needless to say, the national media has not been kind to Benny with the Good Hair, firing off quotes and soundbites left and right about how putrid his performance has been this season. So as a Jets fan who is delighted that his team is not New York City’s worst, I happily compiled all of the funniest quotes about how shitty of a coach Ben McAdoo is.

Washington Post:

“…as overmatched in front of a gaggle of New York reporters as his football team is on the field on a weekly basis.”

“You should probably find a decent real estate agent.”

New York Daily News:

Ben McAdoo’s job security is fake news.”

“Come Monday morning, it might not be his team. “

Our @nydnsports back page: Giants hit ROCK BOTTOM with loss to awful 49ers, so it's time for Big Blue to fire Ben McAdoo, writes @PLeonardNYDNhttps://t.co/nUgdHiWXom; Jets' slim playoff hopes dashed with listless loss to Bucs @MMehtaNYDNhttps://t.co/R0kiL5D0IH pic.twitter.com/PiThXeuLaY

— Tom Biersdorfer (@TomBiersdorfer) November 13, 2017

New York Post:

“Because, based on the quality of the product McAdoo and Reese oversaw on the field Sunday, you couldn’t have blamed Giants ownership if they’d barred their head coach and GM from entering the bus, instead leaving them to cab it to the airport and fly middle-seat coach cabin back to Jersey.”

“McAdoo looks and sounds like a coach who has no answers.”

“End it now. Get it over with. Reboot. And move on.”

“Ousting McAdoo now would appease a large segment of the fan base that wants someone to blame and wants that someone to take the fall. It would be the way for ownership to say “We feel your pain’’”


“McAdoo’s performance this year has been inexcusable, embarrassing, pathetic, futile — use whatever other negative description you’d like.”

“There is no indication the Giants are capable of competing even against the weakest of competition. Quite simply, they don’t look like they’re capable of winning another game this season.”

USA Today:

“The Giants are setting all-time franchise marks in futility and failure, but even that doesn’t define the totality of their issues. The locker-room is fractured, there is finger-pointing abound, players are leaking team secrets to the media and the effort on the field is underwhelming at best.”

“Making matters worse, head coach Ben McAdoo continues his defiance in the face of the meltdown. He feels no shame for the team’s horrid performances and vehemently denies that his job security is even in question.”

“From “umm” to “we have to look at the tape,” McAdoo has run out of things to say. He’s clearly flustered and living in denial, and that has trickled down to his coordinators, staff and players.”

“Even the word “embarrassing” no longer does it justice.”

Last week wasn't the first time Giants​ coach Ben McAdoo went silent. pic.twitter.com/CHe6Ddqobb

— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) November 12, 2017

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