Apartment Floor Collapses During Party At University Of North Texas, Sends Students Into Apartment Below


The floor of a third-floor apartment at the Univesity of North Texas collapsed during a party this weekend, sending students to the apartment below.

Photos and videos from social media show the floor collapsing from the weight of the students.

um what did i just experience pic.twitter.com/cQLaRYXb62

— Bianca Iwunze (@biancaiwunze) November 12, 2017

I REALLY WARNED YALL I SWEAR, I was so close man. #UNTHC2k17 pic.twitter.com/a0Sxh7ISgR

— ✨peaches✨ (@ja_rene_) November 12, 2017

According to WKRG, the incident happened around 1:45 AM ob Sunday when the Denton Fire Departments responded to a report of a fire alarm. When responding firefighters arrived, the found the collapsed with partygoers dangling between apartments

Denton firefighters say that they believe the cause of the collapse was “too much jumping.”

Carly Carroll, a resident in the apartment building, said that the building “is worse than you could possibly imagine because the sprinklers were on for two hours so not only was all of our stuff crushed, but its completely soaked with water. Everything is gone.”

The floor went skrra pap pap ka ka ka… #UNTClountComing #UNTHC2k17 pic.twitter.com/vjnFzwLn8O

— Elroy Jetson 🚀 (@JosephAniekwe) November 12, 2017

CW33 reports that there is no word if “structural issues” at The Ridge Apartments on Colorado Blvd. are to blame. Regardless, the entire building where the collapse happened has been evacuated as crews inspect each unit.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for some of the residents of the building.

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