Veterans Day 2017: Sexy Army Babes Photo Collection

One way to celebrate Veterans Day is with this photo collection showing the sexy side to military culture. Caution: some of these badass babes are armed, and are just as dangerous to the enemy as they are sexy to the eye. Some might be fighting for your freedom, while others are just trying to look sexy in a scantily-clad military-esque outfit (obviously).

Who said the army couldn’t be sexy? Not me.

Many in the military will probably stand up at attention (in more ways than one) and take notice of these ladies representing the camou-colors. They’re women from all around the world, taking up arms and joining the armed forces of their nations. Either that, or they’re just trying to look hot for an Instagram photo-op.

They’re armed, potentially dangerous, and too sexy to exist in any other photo gallery!

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