Ut Oh! LeBron Got Caught With His Hand In The Cookie Jar!

For once, this is a time where Kevin Durant owning 17 burner accounts can actually be a good idea — he’ll never get caught sliding into DMs.

You would think ever since J.R. ‘The Plumber’ Smith got outed for asking a chick if she wants the pipe that these athletes would learn to find another way to contact these chicks other than social media. Nevertheless, it appears most of them haven’t learned, not even the megastars like LeBron James, who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar that is Instagram.

Like the rest of us, LeBron was scrolling through his Instagram, which is undoubtedly populated with high-key thicc Instagram models. And like most of us, he probably thought to himself, “God damn, maybe I should DM her.” And then he did.

But unlike most of us, he is LeBron James, one of the–I don’t know–five most famous athletes in the world? Obviously, these girls are going to put you on blast to get their name out there. It’s all risk and no reward for LeBron.

via Terez Owens:

via Terez Owens

All of this is made more hilarious by the fact that LeBron once responded to Draymond Green calling him a bitch by saying he was a “father of three kids”. So much for that Father excuse now.

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