Old Lady At Football Game Rips Heater In Cops Face, Promptly Gets Dragged Out

Normally, when a person asks you to stop smoking in a public place, the polite thing to do is to either listen or go somewhere else since it might be against the law or the place’s health code standards, meaning you should be happy you got off with just a warning. Even if you still are going to smoke, you should just do no more than politely explain you’ll keep smoking. At Bryant-Denny Stadium, however, one woman got intense when an officer asked her to stop smoking.

A fan captured the incident on video

As seen in a video caught by a fan, the officer asked the woman to put out her cigarette since it was prohibited at the stadium. As the video shows, the woman not only continued to smoke, she then flashed the officer with the cigarette in his face. Taking out his handcuffs, the officer then attempted to arrest her, with the woman screaming and falling down in response. It is unclear if a previous incident had occurred between the officer and the woman, according to New York Daily News.
According to Alabama’s Gameday website,  the school had forbidden smoking at the stadium since the start of 2015. As the policy read, “The change, effective Jan. 1, 2015, is designed to make the campus a healthier environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. Smoking of any lit product (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited on UA grounds, parking structures, athletic facilities and buildings.”
“Whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, UA knows that the campus community will demonstrate thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation as we work together to successfully implement this campuswide policy.”
At this time, the identity of the woman and the officer is unknown to the public.

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