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Jessica Barth wrote a blog post that has sent yet another shock wave through Hollywood, as she accused another film executive of a sex crime. Barth didn’t name the CEO by name in her blog for The Wrap, but she came forward on Thursday to LAPD, accusing co-CEO of Primary Wave Entertainment David Guillod of sexual assault.
Barth alleges that Guillod drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 2012 during a dinner meeting. When she initially reported these accusations to the LAPD, she claims to have been threatened by Guillod with a lawsuit if she choses to press charges.
The 37-year-old actress said that received an e-mail from a woman, who read her recent blog from The Wrap, and identified David Guillod as her assailant based on her description.
Barth released the blog post, “Jessica Barth Wants to Bring Survivors Together With #WhoIsYourHarvey,” encouraging victims of sexual assault to come together and speak out about their rapists/predators.
Guillod was issued a leave of absence Primary Wave Entertainment on Friday. He resigned from the company the very next day.

“Following recently reported accusations, David Guillod is taking a leave of absence from Primary Wave Entertainment, effective immediately, in order for this matter to be thoroughly investigated. We take any accusations of sexual misconduct very seriously. Our company’s greatest strength is our culture of respect, and we have a zero tolerance policy toward harassment or abuse of any kind.””

Barth is also one of 57 women to accuse embattled film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. During a private encounter, she alleges that Weinstein changed the conversation from offering to cast her in a role to “demanding a naked massage in bad.”

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