Rocket League for Nintendo Switch: Release Date & Gameplay Details

When the Switch was first announced, one of the console’s trailers showed off glimpses of Psyonix’s critically and commercially acclaimed sports mashup game, Rocket League, running on the Switch! During Nintendo’s 2017 E3 presentation, the company showed off a new trailer of the game running fully on the Nintendo Switch and fans went wild!
Now with Winter 2017 almost here, Psyonix and Nintendo have finally revealed when this extremely popular and still active game will hit the Nintendo Switch! Previously teased with a “Winter 2017” release date, the game will release on the console this November!
Check out when Rocket League launches on Nintendo Switch and gameplay details:

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch Release Date:

Developer: Psyonix
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: November 14th, 2017
Buy: Amazon
Launching on the Nintendo Switch eShop and in stores physically on November 14th, 2017, Rocket League will finally bring its exciting and nail-biting game to Nintendo’s hybrid console to allow fans of the game to take the matches wherever they go!

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch Gameplay:

On top of the announcement of the game’s official release date, Nintendo decided to take fans into the studio of Psyonix to take a tour and to see the game in action! Sporting a few technical downgrades from its PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions, Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will invigorate Switch owners as they get fully addicted to the game’s gameplay.
Set in an arena that somewhat resembles a real-life soccer arena, two teams of three players drive and crash the ball into their opponent’s goal. Blending these two completely different sports on paper sounds a bit odd but when you jump into a match of Rocket League, it becomes easy to understand and hard to put down.
Since the game is releasing on the Nintendo Switch (one of the first huge third party games to launch on the console), both Nintendo and Psyonix decided to treat Switch owners to a special treat when they buy the game: not only will the game but completely up to date with its other versions but players will get three Nintendo themed cars to take out on the field. Two of the cars are modeled after the Super Mario Brothers themselves, Mario and Luigi, while the third takes on the sleek and stylish persona of Metroid protagonist Samus Aran! Players can get these cars ONLY in the Nintendo Switch edition of the game.

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