WATCH: 10-Year-Old Boy Leads Police On Wild High-Speed Chase…After Stealing His Mom's Car 10 Days Ago

This 10-year-old kid is a real speed demon. In just 10 days, this boy has went recklessly joy riding with a family car. On October 26, he lead police on a high-speed car chases in Interstate I-90. The boy’s most recent joyride was discovered by police, when they noticed a car speed past another vehicle on Interstate I-90, just west of Cleveland. Only 10 days before the chase, he had stolen his mother’s car and was found with three flat tires on the same interstate by authorities.
On October 26, a concerned citizen had called 911, reporting that a car was serving and almost caused several accidents, according to police. That car was reportedly being driven by a 10-year-old speedster.
At one point, the boy was reaching speeds of roughly 100 mph. Meanwhile, he was being pursed by officers on I-90. The boy was reportedly driving a 2004 Toyota Avalon, as authorities attempted to stop this youthful driver within a 15-mile stretch. According to Police Capt. Guy Turner, the boy’s car passed through a toll both before suddenly merging onto the westbound lanes of the Ohio Turnpike.
Once the boy hits speeds of roughly 100 mph, four other police cruisers joined the case and tried to roadblock the speeding minor, Highway Patrol Sergeant Tim Hoffman told The Chicago Tribune. Spikes were torn onto the road by officers, in attempt to stop the speeding boy’s car. He tried to avoid the spikes by serving into a grassy area, where an officer struck the car at a relatively slow speed with his vehicle while another officer used his cruiser to block the boy from returning to the road. The boy’s car crashed into a road sign. After the vehicle the boy was driving came to a complete stop, officers ran over to that car door, broke the window and removed the boy from the car.
The entire incident was captured on a police dashcam video and has gone viral. Here’s a look at how everything went down with this speeding youngster…

The boy was then taken to a hospital, as doctors evaluated whether or not he suffered injuries in the crash. Officers told The Tribune that that the Erie County Prosecutor’s Office will determine whether or not to press charges against the young boy, especially since this is the second time he went on a joy ride in less than two weeks.
According to a police report obtained by The Tribune, the boy allegedly stole his mother’s car on October 16. Officers received a report on the car theft, and found the mother’s 2013 Dodge Charger with three flat tires on I-90 in Cleveland. As a result of that incident, the boy was taken into police custody at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center, but was released without any charges being filed.
Charges were eventually filed against the 10-year-old boy for the October 26 incident. He was charged with felony fleeing and eluding. Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter said that a judge

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