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Jennifer Sterger, who first was in the news back in 2010 due to the Brett Favre scandal, is making heading again with her accusations against ESPN.
According to a Tweet from Sterger, she endured sexual harassment from an executive who still works there as she was attempting to land a job at the network.
Sterger, the now 33-year-old former Playboy model, claims that she was brought to a strip club by higher-ups and given a tour of ESPN’s Connecticut headquarters to show others she was “just as f***able in person” in the tweet accusing the network of inappropriate conduct.
She said that when she was 23, she traveled to Charlotte for multiple meetings to discuss in-air work. After testing for the potential on-screen role, an employee invited her to a club with other coworkers, which she would eventually see was a strip club.

“I was extremely uncomfortable by the situation and incredibly awkward as I had never stepped foot in one before.,’ she wrote. “I had to watch as my male coworkers got lap-dances from girls while they teased me about how I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to participate.”

She also recounted a second incident where the same unnamed employee “who had by now risen in the ranks” invited her to the network headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut for a job interview.
Sterger said ESPN then canceled her return car trip to New Jersey, and instead was told to join the employee  who was heading to the same area. The employee then asked her to dinner, but Sterger declined.

“He still works there. He’s still gainfully employed. He’s a decision maker there,’ Sterger wrote. I later found out through a friend that works there that they only brought me in to show his coworkers I was ‘just as f***able” in person as I was in pictures,” Sterger wrote.

Sterger also claimed that ESPN women personalities who have spoken out against ESPN’s deal with Barstool Sports, such as Sam Ponder and Sarah Spain, didn’t show the same level of feminism when she accused Favre of sending her explicit texts.

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