WATCH: Group Of Guys Agree To Be Trampeled On By A Herd Of Cows

A group of men have volunteered their services to lie face down in the street while a herd of cows runs over them. Why would anyone do such a thing? It’s for atonement and prosperity for your family, village, and yourself. Now, would you lie down and be stepped on by a cow?
Over in central India in the city of Ujjain, a group of guys volunteered to line down for a herd of trampling cows. Hundreds of cows participant. Many of the human participants are usually injured while taking part if the ritual, but it thought that while they heal, their luck will grow.
Here’s a video of the men being trampled on by cows in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh…

Many gathered in the street to watch as the men were trampled.
The ritual is apart of Ekadashi, which is also often observed by fasting. It is the eleventh lunar day of the two lunar phases, according to the Hindu calendar. The timing of this fasting day is according to the position of the moon. But this month’s Ekadashi was particularly significant as it fell immediately after Diwali, the festival of light.
The cows who take part in the ritual are decorated with bright colors, garlands, and henna. These creatures are considered the most sacred animals in the Hindu religion. The pain of being trampled on by cows is said to be a sacrifice to this sacred animal.

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