San Jose State University Professor Threatened To "Beat The Sh*t" Out Of Planned Parenthood Protesters

Matthew Kapell is a part-time lecturer at San Jose State University who allegedly threatened violence on planned parenthood protesters, according to a screenshot from his Facebook page. He threatened to “beat the sh*t” out of anti-abortion protesters, then (jokingly or not) asked who would bail him out of jail.
Here’s a look at a screenshot of Kappell’s post, provided by The College Fix:
Matthew Kapell/Facebook/TheCollegeFix
“Amy Kapell and I were both in a ‘Grrr, we should just go find someone to beat the shit out of’ mood,” the post, attributed to San Jose State University lecturer Matthew Kapell, reads. “Then we found planned parenthood [sic] protesters. Who’s gonna bail us out?”
The professor’s Facebook page is protected. However, a screenshot of the post was uploaded to Facebook by an account named “Pro-Life Libertarians.” The page included a statement along with the screenshot, saying, “When a lecturer at San Jose State advocates violence there should be significant consequences. Matthew Kapell, you should be ashamed.”
San Jose University was contacted by The College Fix website regarding Professor Kapell’s threatening Facebook comment. University spokeswoman Patricia Harris told The Fix: “I am looking into this.”
According to Matthew Kapell’s personal website, he’s taught an array of subjects, including American History & Studies, Film, Television, Digital Media, Anthropology, and Cultural Studies. He’s previously taught at the University of Michigan, Swansea University, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Wayne State University and several other institutions.
Spokeswoman Patricia Harris thanked The College Fix for bringing the teacher’s comments to the university’s attention. She supplied a statement from the university, which read, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have confirmed that Matthew Kapell is a part-time temporary faculty member who teaches two courses at SJSU. SJSU will respond appropriately.”

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