Best Gaming Mice: Top 5 Best Must-Buy Computer Mice In 2017

With the rise of PC gaming and the reemergence of desktop computers, manufacturers and game peripheral companies have been quick to release new accessories and peripherals every week. While all the new stuff that’s coming out to play with is awesome, nothing is more important or as essential as the mouse.
Whether you’re playing a quick game of Hearthstone or mowing enemies down in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, having the right mouse set up can put you in a winning advantage. Having extra assignable buttons or a changeable DPI are essential to any person trying to game on the PC.
Check out our picks for the top five best mice for your computer:

1. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S


Price: $79.99
Buy: Amazon
Logitech’s – slightly cheaper than Master edition – mouse on this list features full use on most any surface and a deep and robust customization suite that allows users to use the mouse exactly how they want. Its travel-friendly size and the ability to use on both PC & Mac makes the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S a worthy mouse for any of life’s settings. Logitech is promising 70-days of battery life on a full charge, which is a significant jump in comparison to the previous generation’s 40-day rating. There’s very little physical difference between Master releases and the previous generation. Logitech offers the MX Anywhere 2S in three colors – Graphite, Light Grey, and Midnight Teal. Logitech also introduced ‘Flow‘ software. Flow allows users to control three devices simultaneously without needing to flip a switch or toggle any software. The MX Anywhere 2S is perhaps Logitech’s best mouse yet and is a must-have, even for gaming.

2. Razer Mamba

Price: $149.99
Buy: Amazon
Razer steps up to the plate with this incredible piece of machinery, the Razer Mamba. Designed to be a “premium” option for their line of computer mice, the Razer Mamba stands above some others with its 10 customizable buttons and the TWO fully programmable LED strips that can change colors at your whim. With its corded and cordless features, the Razer Mamba is a tour-de-force and fully warrants the premium price tag.

3. Logitech MX Master 2S

Price: $99.99
Buy: Amazon
Logitech, the king of computer peripherals, has struck gold when it comes to this wireless mouse! With deep customization and the ability to use on (practically) any surface puts this mouse way ahead of its competition. Also, its insane battery life can last one full day’s worth of use and also can save power for up to 70 days. The MX Master line has had one of the best consumer input device experiences on the market for some time.

4. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Price: $69.99
Buy: Amazon
Razer makes the list again with their impeccable wired gaming mouse, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma, which features a sensor that allows up to 10,000 DPI and 2 fully customizable side buttons. While wireless mouses may be the hot new thing, when gaming on PC  the preciseness of your mouse is key to your life or death struggle…but not with this mouse. With virtually no lag, this mouse is perfect for getting every head shot online.

5. Corsair M65 RGB Gaming Mouse

Price: $74.99
Buy: Amazon
Corsair’s M65 RGB Gaming Mouse closes out this top five with its impressive capabilities and the preciseness of its sensor. Sporting an aluminum body, this wired gaming mouse will help you take out the competition with its DPI settings of up to 8,200 and the extra customizable buttons on the side. Plus, it even comes with a dedicated “Sniper” button to help in those tough sniping positions!

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