The Miz Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Mike Mizanin Worth Now?

The Miz may have a big mouth, but he can certainly back it up in the ring and in the bank. He’s a former WWE Champion, a WrestleMania main eventer, and an 8-time WWE Intercontinental Champion.
Mike “The Miz” Mizanin has won nearly every title in the WWE. He’s a former WWE Champion who main-evented WrestleMania 27 alongside 16-time world champion John Cena. He has a self-aggrandizing personality that stands out like a sore thumb every night. “When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut,” he tells the jeering audience in attendance.
Mizanin has done it all. He started his career on an MTV reality show known as The Real World. He’s achieved a storybook career in the WWE. He’s married to smokin’ hot wife by the name of Maryse. He’s starred in numerous WWE-produced films. And his in-ring stock just continues to rise. But let’s just see how much money this superstar holds in his bank account…

The Miz Net Worth as of 2019: $9 Million

The Hollywood A-Lister’s net worth rolls in at a cool $9 mill. His paycheck has steadily increased throughout the years. In 2014, he received a yearly salary of $435,000. In 2015, his salary increased to $600,000. And then, in 2016, his salary jumped up to $870,000 per year. By 2017, he was receiving a salary of $1,200,000. The Miz is a decorated athlete, who is a valuable commodity in the ring and on the microphone.
How did The Miz earn so much cash? Let’s take a look at Mizanin’s road to riches…

2001 – 2010

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin first taste of the limelight came in the form of the 2001 season of MTV’s The Real World. His reality TV background was both a blessing and a curse when he broke through to the WWE in 2004. Being a cast member of The Real World got him noticed, but it also caused many of his peers and many of the WWE fans to not take him seriously.
After spending his first few years at the bottom of the card, The Miz moved from SmackDown to ECW and really developed into the star we know today. He formed a tag team with John Morrison, quickly ascending to the top of the WWE tag team division, capturing both the WWE and World Tag Team Championships.
The Miz found his greatest success on his own. After betraying his tag team partner, he quickly rose through the ranks of his new home Monday Night Raw. After about a year as WWE United States Champion, The Miz graduated to the main event when he defeated Randy Orton for the WWE World Championship on November 22, 2010.

2010 – Present

The Miz main-evented WrestleMania 27 alongside John Cena, defeating the multi-time champion at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. He lost the strap to Cena one month later in a steel cage triple threat match, also including his former friend John Morrison.
After The Miz’s fall from the world title scene, he’s stood out over the years as one of the best WWE Intercontinental Champions of all time. He’s a 7-time IC Champion, having classic title defenses against the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and more. Miz has held the Intercontinental Championship a combined total of 524 days across all eight title reigns.
On the November 20th, 2017, edition of Monday Night Raw, The Miz dropped his Intercontinental Championship to Roman Reigns.


The self-described “Hollywood A-Lister” The Miz spent time away from the ring following his loss to Roman Reigns. While away from the squared circle, The Miz once again starred in a WWE-produced film. The Marine 6: Close Quarters is set to be released sometime in 2018.
The Miz returned to the ring on the 25th anniversary show of Monday Night Raw. On that night, “The Hollywood A-Lister” regained his WWE Intercontinental Championship, defeating Roman Reigns after driving his head into an exposed turnbuckle. This win made The Miz an 8-time IC Champion.
“The Hollywood A-Lister” lost the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 34 to Seth Rollins in a triple threat match, also involving Finn Bálor. Eight days later, he was drafted over to SmackDown Live during the 2018 WWE Superstar Shake-up.


The Miz threw his tag team partner Shane McMahon a birthday bash on SmackDown Live on 15th January where their highly entertaining bromance was flowing.

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