Alexis Ren Is The Latest SI Swimsuit Model And, Well … You’re Gonna Wanna See This

Meet the newest member of SI Swimsuit, @AlexisRenG (and watch her first shoot)!!

— SI Swimsuit (@SI_Swimsuit) October 12, 2017

You’re welcome. And I’m saying you’re welcome because I’m about to make your day.


I don’t think you’re ready (in order from least hot to most hot, which when talking about Alexis Ren, is kind of redundant):

This morning, Sports Illustrated made it official by announcing Alexis Ren as their latest SI Swimsuit model, meaning the “hottest girl on Instagram” has finally made the jump into the mainstream.

Ren, the 20-year-old Southern California native, is the fifth member of SI Swimsuit 2018 revealed so far, joining Chase Carter, Robin Holzken, Sailor Brinkley Cook, and Anne De Paula.

Alexis Ren is on a rocketship to the moon and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop her. Anyone who doubts the existence of evolution, I want you to take at a woman from the 1920’s, and a look at Alexis now, and tell me there isn’t some evolutionary progress at play here.

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