Hilarie Burton Accused Ben Affleck Of Groping Her In A 2003 TRL Video


Hilarie Burton is the former host of MTV’s Total Request Live who has accused actor Ben Affleck of grabbing her breasts during a 2003 episode of TRL. This groping incident was brought to light just hours after Affleck made a statement condemning Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abusive actions relating to his sexual assault and harassment scandal.

On Tuesday night, a Twitter user called out the hypocrisy in Ben Affleck, as he allegedly grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts on camera during a 2003 episode of Total Request Live. One Twitter user suggested that Affleck should have ‘kept quiet’ to not reveal skeletons of the past. Weinstein accuser Rose McGoan called Affleck “a liar.”

Burton made her allegations clear on a Twitter thread.

Twitter user, Shanice Brim wrote, “He (Affleck) also grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts on TRL once. Everyone forgot though.” Burton popped up on the thread three hours later, writing “I didn’t forget.”

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Brim responded to Burton, writing “I’m so sorry that happened to you. It’s infuriating that people never bring up all the gross, predatory things he’s done.”

Burton responded by saying, “Seriously, thank you for that. I was a kid.” The actress was 21-years-old at the time of the incident.

Hilarie Burton: Hottest Photos On The Internet


Affleck said he was “saddened and angry” over “sickening claims” of sexual assault made against his former benefactor Harvey Weinstein. When allegations over groping Hilarie Burton’s breasts in 2003 emerged, Affleck apologized to the actress and admitted that his behavior was “inappropriate.”

Burton wrote that she had to laugh off Affleck’s alleged boob-grab, so she wouldn’t cry. She later tweeted a clip from the 2003 TRL interview featuring Affleck. “He wraps his arm around me and comes over and tweaks my left boob,” she said.  “I’m just like, ‘what are you doing’…Some girls like a good tweakage here and there – I like a high five.’

A female producer said, “I don’t know what happened but Hilarie was like ‘ooo’.  There was a little squeeze, I don’t know.”

During the interview, Affleck was around 21-years-old. He is heard asking the host, “how old are you – 19?”

Burton is famous for her starring role as Peyton Sawyer on the former WB/CW drama One Tree Hill, and as Sara Ellis on the USA crime drama White Collar. Her first big break in show-business started back in 1999 on MTV’s Total Request Live. She is currently married to Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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