Bella Hadid Blows Up The Internet With ‘Homeboy’s Gonna Like Get It’ Memes


Bella Hadid unintentionally became a viral hit after her cringe-worthy interview with Complex Magazine took off on Twitter. A video released from Hadid’s candid interview shows the world why the guy with super fresh sneakers is “gonna…like…get it.”

Hadid simply can’t get enough of men who wear super-fly kicks, as the video demonstrates….

bella hadid talk like a undercover cop 😂

— Young Black Jesus (@zekNcashe) October 5, 2017

While I run out to the store to pick up flashy running shoes to maybe impress a fashion model that I will probably never meet, you can stay busy sinking your teeth into these memes…

dope? check
2nd dope? check
fresh? check
homeboy coming through? check
homeboy's gonna get it? check

— Ande Wall (@AndeWall) October 5, 2017

That last one didn’t hit. Let’s see if the…oh, snap, look down, **spoiler alert** it’s Spongebob y’all. If homeboy got the Spongebob crocs, then it’s over fam…😂💦🍆🔥

if homeboy comes thru in these,,, it's quiet for him

but if he comes thru in theeeeese, homeboy's gonna like,,,, get it


These are some A1 kicks, homeboi 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

if homeboy come thru

in 🔥🔥THESE🔥🔥

he gonna…..,,,,…. get it

— educated shrimp (@yaperboi) October 9, 2017

If doggo come thru in these…dang

if homeboy comes through in like these homeboys gonna like get it

— gary from teen mom (@garyfromteenmom) October 9, 2017

Hypothetical Bella Hadid says, “Homebody don’t get none unless his kicks are A1, hun.”

Oh wait, I should probably do a Chicahua-related joke. I’ll play it safe and stick with a Taco Bell dog pun. Yo quiero conseguirlo.

Translation: “I want to get it.”

homeboy's gonna.. like… get it

— jrry flowers 🥀 (@yungprosciutto) October 8, 2017

Here’s how Shrek keeps Fiona on lock…

but if he comes in with these homeboy’s gonna like… get it

— rob (@__bloodflood) October 8, 2017

Bella wanna peep dem sneaks…

When homeboy walks in with them air max 94s not knowing he could …get iiittt


PETA would probably disagree tho…

If homeboy's coming through with a salad, it's quiet…but if he comes through with wings, homeboys gonna, like…

get it

— Pluckers (@Pluckers) October 9, 2017

Better come correct with something sweet…

but if homeboy comes thru w/ that fresh milk tea & boba homeboy's gonna like… get it

— cackla (@kayladij) October 8, 2017

The next one is so true-to-life…

if homeboy comes through with these it’s quiet

— e (@beyonseh) October 8, 2017

Who wouldn’t want these roller-skate cowboy kicks? 🔥🔥🔥

but if he come through with these homeboy's gonna like get it

— JuanPa (@jpbrammer) October 8, 2017

If he ain’t PC then he ain’t gettin’ wit me…

If homeboy still celebrates Colombus Day then it’s quiet but if he celebrates #IndigenousPeopleDay then homeboy’s gonna like… get it

— Milan (@MilanMarietti) October 9, 2017

What about the Mulan Szechuan sauce?

if homeboy rudely demands limited edition sauce then it's quiet but if he come through with some likee widely available sauces homeboy can g

— 1833 characters (@its1833) October 9, 2017

It’s a wrap, bro…

if homeboy come through in these
he gonna like
get it

— 🎃Trish-or-Treat👻 (@pwningpat) October 9, 2017

I had no idea it was that easy…

if homeboy is coming through with the basic ability to hold a conversation and answer my texts
homeboy is gonna like…….get it

— Ⓥ♡ (@youneverhadrae) October 9, 2017

It’s good to be a geek sometimes…

if he into Star Wars, & wanna take a girl out to see the Last Jedi in December w/ a blanket & some popcorn..

homeboy's gonna like… get it

— moyo (@MoriYoshioka) October 10, 2017

Wanna see Ms. Hadid’s entire video segment interview with Complex Magazine? Here’s a look at Bella being her ghetto fabulous self…

You can cash her wit the type of guy whose kicks are super-fly.

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