MLB Standings 2017: Top 10 Postseason Teams

The regular 2017 MLB season has finish, and the 10-team playoff field is set to begin. For your entertainment, we are going to take a look into where all 10 teams currently stack up. Postseason outlook, wild-card game disadvantage and final-month performance are all being looked at, according to The Bleacher Report.

Minnesota Twins (1/10)

Wins/Loss: 85-77
Division Status: No. 2 AL Wild Card
The Minnesota Twins are going to be the first team in MLB history to reach playoff after immediately following a 100-loss campaign. They were also able to outlast a deep wild-card field for most of the season. Already underscored back in September, in a three game series, this team already faces an uphill battle. However, as manager Paul Molitor said in a statement with reporters, according to Twins Baseball, “In a game scenario, anything can go down.”

Colorado Rockies (2/10)

Wins/Loss: 87-75
Division Status: No. 2 NL Wild Card
The Colorado Rockies are in the postseason games for the first time since 2009, and their pitching staff is credited with their rise, notably Jon Gray. As manager Bud Black told The Denver Post, “Jon’s in a good spot because he is throwing the ball well…When you are confident in how you are playing, that always lends itself to feeling good about where you are.”

New York Yankees (3/10)

Wins/Loss: 91-71
Division Status: No. 1 AL Wild Card
Finishing just two games behind the Boston Red Sox in the AL East standings, the New York Yankees got the No. 1 AL wild-card spot. “It’s been an unbelievable season,” said manager Joe Girardi to the New York Daily News. The team is also expected to have a top-tier starter in Masahiro Tanaka.

Arizona Diamondbacks (4/10)

Wins/Loss: 93-69
Division Status: No. 1 NL Wild Card
The Arizona Diamondbacks finished better than the NL Central champion, the Chicago Cubs, but finished 11 games behind the Ls Angeles Dodgers in the NL West. Similar to above, the team’s starting pitching depth is hoped to give it an advantage this season.

Boston Red Sox (5/10)

Wins/Loss: 93-69
Division Status: AL East Champs
Once again, anything can happen. The Boston Red Sox may not have given what was expected since the offseason trade for Chris Sale, but the addition of Addison Reed is seen as a step in the right direction. Still, a lack of starting rotation stability might be a cause for concern.

Los Angeles Dodgers (6/10)

Wins/Loss: 104-58
Division Status: NL West Champs
The Los Angeles Dodgers might have been a showcase of what happens when you peak too early or show any decline, after coming close to breaking the 116 winning record. Then again, this is still a team that won 104 games; it might have something up its sleeve.

Chicago Cubs (7/10)

Wins/Loss: 92-70
Division Status: NL Central Champs
Trends might not be on the side of the cubs. Back in April, Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated,  “In truth, recent history has been unkind to World Series winners. None has repeated as champions since the 1999 Yankees won again in 2000, and in that span, only two other winners—the 2000 Yankees and 2008 Phillies—even returned to the Fall Classic the following year. Just seven out of 16 made the playoffs at all.” That said, a strong final month might help this team at the end, or at least show they’re in good standing.

Washington Nationals (8/10)

Wins/Loss: 97-65
Division Status: NL East Champs
For now, this team seems like it already has the complete package. Even Bryce Harper is back from the disabled list at the right time: the playoffs! As ESPN’s Eddie Matz explained, Harper’s knee might make or break things, saying, “But after Harper went down — missing 42 games with a hyperextended left knee — Washington’s offensive output plummeted by 25 percent (from 5.4 runs per game to 4.1), a testament to just how valuable the former MVP really is. What’s crazy is, despite the drastic drop-off in offense, the Nats still went 26-16 without Harper, a testament to just how good their pitching has been.”

Houston Astros (9/10)

Wins/Loss: 101-61
Division Status: AL West Champs
Getting Justin Verlander just might have put this Houston team in good standing.”He continues to evolve as a pitcher and then closes his outing out as strong as he can be with some high-end stuff” manager A.J. Hinch said to MLB. Added to that, George Springer and Jose Altuve can make the Astros hard to beat.

Cleveland Indians (10/10)

Wins/Loss: 102-60
Division Status: AL Central Champs
Since August, they have only lost four games. Do I need to say more?

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