GoFundMe For Las Vegas: Donation Pages & How You Can Help!

The tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting has inspired people in various walks of life to get involved and raise money for those who had been injured in the attack, which has been said to have reached over 500. On GoFundMe alone, we have seen people from various walks of life: people in the army, people in the entertainment industry, and even people personally affected by the tragedy directly, both providing for those who have been injured and the families who have lost loved ones. You can take a look right here to see various campaigns that you can help with, right here.

Here is how you can help:

In one of the campaigns, Yusely Herrera, a friend of a woman named Savannah who had been shot in the attack, is trying to raise money for her friend’s medical bills.

Individuals were not the only people hurt in the attack, but families as well. One man, Jesse Rivera, is raising money to help a couple, Michael Gracia and his girlfriend Summer, who have a child together, were both shot during the attack. Summer nobly had been shot while covering Michael after he had been hurt. As they are new parents, the campaign asks that for support for their medical bills, also asking for those who cannot afford to send money to at least offer their prayers.

Casey Neistat, on behalf of the Direct Impact Fund, has tried to use the World Wide Web to raise funds in two ways. With the #LoveArmyLasVegas hashtag, he is using both the GoFundMe page and a YouTube video, which will give the revenue entirely to those in need.

A woman named Pam Ostiguy Clark is also raising money for a family friend, Tina Frost, who had also been injured in the attack. Making clear that this can go beyond medical expenses, this campaign highlights that money is also needed to pay for traveling, food, hotels, missed work, and even care for Tina.

Even the families of those who lost loved ones in the shooting need help. Shear Tranquility is hosting a GoFundMe for the surviving family of Rhonda LaRocque, a woman who had been killed in the attack, including her husband and daughter. The family is in need of money to pay for medical expenses, transfer, travel, and funeral expenses.

Even people not directly involved with the shooting, such as the cast of Mean Girls is trying to get involved with helping those in need. Cast members, led by Brian Tyler Cohen, are working with the National Compassion Fund to raise a $300,000 goal, promising 100% of the money raised going to helping victims.

Always remember that a little, even a prayer, can go a long way!

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