Erica Herman: Hottest Photos of Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend

Tiger Woods spotted at the President’s Cup this weekend with a new girlfriend, Erica Herman.

Herman, 33, was spotted with Woods during the early stages of the Presidents Cup wearing a “player spouse” credential, which is reserved for the wives or girlfriends of the event’s players.

According to,a post on identified Herman as the general manager of The Woods, a Woods-branded pop-up restaurant at the Genesis Open.

At the beginning of the tournament, Herman attended the opening ceremonies with U.S. team’s wives and girlfriends. On Friday, Herman was seen walking alongside Justine Karain Reed and Annie Verret, Jordan Spieth’s girlfriend.

Herman is just one of many of Woods’ girlfriends over the past couple of years, as he’s been linked to Lindsey Vonn, Kristin Smith, and Lacy Kay Summers.

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