Larry David Net Worth 2021: How Much is 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Star Worth Today

Comedian and television producer Larry David has returned to the public eye after his show Curb Your Enthusiasm has returned from a near six-year hiatus, but some may know him better as the co-creator of Seinfeld. With two such prominent shows attached to his name, you may wonder how much money this man is worth.

Larry David’s net worth as of 2019: $400 million

As of September 2017, with his show coming back to television, David’s current net-worth is around $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. But, as in all good underdog stories, it took a lot of work to get to that point.

Early 1980’s-1987

Before becoming a household name in television, David had tried his luck as a stand-up comic, although this period was less than successful. During the mid-1980s, he later worked as a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live. Gradually gaining more experience as an actor, he appeared in various Woody Allen films, such as Radio Days and New York Stories. Even though he was still getting more and more exposure as a writer, such as an episode of “It’s Gary Shandling’s Show,” well into 1987, his main source of income was driving a taxi.


Fortunately, David got his big break towards the end of the decade. In 1989, another comedian, Jerry Seinfeld asked David to help him write up the pilot of a show vehicle commissioned by NBC. Originally called, “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” the show ended up shortened to Seinfeld, the show soon became an iconic part of the 1990’s, and proved popular enough to last until 1998 for nine seasons. For his work, David also won an Emmy Award in 1993.


Once again, a new decade would prove a new success for David in television, just this time it was also in front of the camera, with his HCO show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, where David played a semi-fictional version of himself, premiering in 2000, having been based on an HBO special from 1999. Originally lasting eight seasons, the show went into hiatus in 2011, but has since come back six years later. During the show’s run, he earned three Golden Globe nominations.


Larry David, the comedian who never fails to tickle our funny bone, will be returning with the hyper-real version of himself with the comeback of his groundbreaking comedy show in 2018 – Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Larry David expressed his regret on the death of his co-star Bob Einstein with a nod to Bob’s unique brand of humor.

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