Hurricane Jose Memes 2017: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images

Hurricane Jose is swirling in the Atlantic, and is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rains to the northeast of the United States. However, Jose isn’t expected to make landfall in the United States, and people in Memeland are crediting President Donald Trump with this development. But Big Daddy Donnie won’t be able to wall out Jose’s storm surges, flooding, heavy rain and wind.
When the hurricane is named Jose, it probably shouldn’t be too surprising that mostly Donald Trump wall joke memes come up. Yes, we know, Jose is Spanish name, and the meme-makers couldn’t help putting two and two together when it comes to topical Trump issues and something Spanish. And President Trump has a rather spotty history when it comes to his wall  and undocumented immigrant rhetoric. His words and actions are affecting some real Joses out there (no joke). Trump may have eased up a good deal on some of his right-wing pandering, but the internet did not forget. The internet never forgets….
Jose is expected to slow its roll, falling down to tropical storm status by Tuesday.
And if Trump really does keep out the hurricane, that’d be great. But please, let’s keep the many minors and adults who have consistently proven to be law-biding citizens and valuable members of the community. So, slow your roll in that regard, which is definitely not a laughing matter.
Not cool, Trump. Not cool at all. No bueno.

Hurricane Jose Models: GFS, ECMWF Models & Path
Hurricane Jose Models: GFS, ECMWF Models & Path
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