Hurricane Jose Location: Where Is Hurricane Jose Right Now?

Hurricane Jose is swirling in the Atlantic, winds maximum sustained winds at 75 mph Monday morning. At this moment, Jose is roughly 420 miles south-southeast of Atlantic City New Jersey. Jose is also about 400 miles southeast of Cape Henlopen, Delaware. The storm is currently a Category 1 hurricane.
A tropical storm warning was issued for Cape Cod on Monday morning. Jose is expected to bring strong winds, heavy rains, and potential flooding to this area of New England, which is the islands and parts of the South Shore and Southeastern Massachusetts. At about 11 A.M., the National Weather Service issued a warning for the Cape Cod area.
Jose is not expected to leave the Atlantic Ocean. However, strong winds and heavy rain is expected to carry over to Long Island, New Jersey, and New England. This Category 1 storm and has been forecasted to create life-threatening rip currents and large waves off Long Island and New Jersey on Tuesday and Wednesday.
According to forecasters, Jose is likely to drop down to tropical storm status on Tuesday. “Jose is currently classified as a Hurricane,” forecasters wrote Monday. “However, by the time Jose makes it’s way up here, it will likely weaken to a Tropical Storm.”
All because Jose may drop down in strength by Tuesday doesn’t mean that the storm won’t still be dangerous. According to National Weather Service, sustained winds of 30 to 40 mph will likely hit the areas next to Jose’s path, wind wind gusts as high as 60 mph. Nantucket Island is expected to be hit with the worst winds. Forecasters predict that Nantucket may receive up to five inches of rain.
“Dangerous wind is possible,’’ forecasters wrote. “To be safe, earnestly prepare for the potential of significant wind impacts.”

Where & When Will Storm Force Winds Hit?

National Weather Service
Up above is a map that details wind speed probabilities for Jose’s projected tropical-storm-force-winds. Meteorologist say that Monday is a good day to prepare for Hurricane Jose.
Meteorologists from Taunton, Massachusetts took to social media to write that “Monday is a good day to prepare for Jose, especially if you live near the South Coast or on the Cape Cod and the Islands!”
“Tropical storm force winds may impact southern Rhode Island and southeast Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and the Islands,’’ forecasters wrote Monday. “These winds may be strong enough to result in some tree damage and scattered power outages. It’s a good idea to secure any outdoor items and have flashlights and batteries available.”

Hurricane Jose Spaghetti Models: Must-See Paths Updated
Hurricane Jose Spaghetti Models: Must-See Paths Updated
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