Hurricane Jose Models: GFS, ECMWF Models & Path

Hurricane Jose is moving westward at 75 mph, which has affected his position on GFS and European models. Jose is currently a Category 1 storm, who is likely to being rain and winds to Long Island, New Jersey, and New England, in states such as Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.
By the time Jose hits Massachusetts, he is expected to reduce in strength from a hurricane to a tropical storm. According to forecasters, Jose is likely to drop down to tropical storm status on Tuesday. “Jose is currently classified as a Hurricane,” forecasters wrote Monday. “However, by the time Jose makes it’s way up here, it will likely weaken to a Tropical Storm.”
The National Hurricane Center believes that Jose will travel further into the Atlantic Ocean. From there, it’s possible that the storm may head northeast too Halifax in the United Kingdom. Look at the map below and check out Jose’s predicted path…

However, the next GFS model has Jose moving closer to Massachusetts…

The latest ECMWF (European) model also has Jose heading west…
Several areas in the U.S. are already under tropical storm warning. Here is where a tropical storm warning is in place: coastal southeast New England including areas in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.
The Weather Channel reports, Despite remaining well offshore, [Jose] will still produce a combination of coastal flooding, high surf, tropical storm-force winds and heavy rain along parts of the East Coast in what may end up being a glorified nor’easter, without the snow.”
Look below to see when and where tropical-force-winds from Jose are expected to strike the United States…
This map shows the strength of the tropical-force-winds that have been predicted to hit the U.S. as a direct result of Jose. The worst weather will be in the Atlantic Ocean. However, sections of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts may experience sustained winds and some pretty strong gusts (up to 74 mph) in the coming days.

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