This Pizza Man Giving Food & Water To Responding Officers Is What Humanity Is All About

Terror yet again struck London this morning as an IED exploded at the Parsons Green tube station, leaving 22 injured.
There were no fatalities, many of the injured — including children– were being treated for burns.
While incidents like this may be humanity at its darkest, it’s in the aftermath that we show our true colors, such as this regular civilian handing out food and water to the police on scene.

Teo Citino, the owner of nearby restaurant Il Pagliaccio, set up a folding table with free pizza and water for the emergency responders.

“One of the reasons I’m here is that my wife and daughter could have been on that train, I live next to the station. I rang my wife right away, they were evacuated from the house in pajamas. I must admit, I have been very, very lucky because they usually get the train to go to my daughter’s school, she is 12 years old,” Citino said.
My second reason is that it is a way to say thank you to those who provide services – the fire brigade, police, and nurses – because I don’t believe they receive enough money.”

You can find the Twitter account for Citino’s restaurant here, which says its “an Italian restaurant in the heart of Fulham, famed for our friendly atmosphere, waiters, and great parties.”

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