A Bunch Of New York City Clowns Will Be Protesting 'IT' Tonight

If you haven’t seen IT yet, I suggest you do.
Rally up the homies, get super high, and go make yourself uncomfortable for a couple hours. I, personally, don’t love horror movies, but I LOVE scaring myself, and IT did that in the best way possible. It was a *fun* scared if that makes any sense.
And so far, it seems as though most people agree with me, as everyone who’s seen IT seems to enjoy the movie. That is, except for the clowns.
According to NBC, a professional clown claims that his business has been hurt due to the marketing and success of IT.
via NBC:

John Nelson, who runs Clowns in Town with a partner, says his business has gotten several cancellations in the last couple of weeks, and he’s blaming the supernatural horror movie for scaring the public.
He said billboards and TV ads promoting the movie have been showing scary clowns, and Google search of “clown” shows scary clowns, like from “It.” Nelson says most clowns get paid on site and no deposit is required, so the cancellations “result in a huge loss to our livelihoods.”
Nelson, who studied clowning with Leslie Noble upstate in Syracuse, has been working in the New York area for the past 10 years, doing mainly children’s birthdays and some corporate events. He and his partner, along with a group of other local clowns, plan to rally outside Union Square Regal Cinema Thursday evening.

While I am certainly not an advocate for people losing work, I do have one slight suggestion for Mr. Nelson and his clown friends: FIND A REAL JOB!

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