Alexi Lalas Took A Fiery Hot Deuce On The Entire U.S. Soccer Team

Thought you were fed up with your favorite sports team? Have you ever been so enraged with your squad that you publicly belittled them on national television? Didn’t think so.
After losing to 2-0 at home to Costa Rica and drawing 1-1 with Honduras, a World Cup berth for the United States is far from guaranteed. If the USMNT cannot improve on its fourth-place position, its only chance to get into the 2018 World Cup would be an intercontinental playoff against Australia or Syria in November.
And Alexi Lalas was having none of it.
Before Sunday night’s Seattle Sounders-LA Galaxy game on Fox Sports, Lalas laid into the US National Team, going full scorched earth calling out individual players and coaches alike:

Some highlights:

“Tim Howard. Tim, the Belgium game ended three years ago. We need you to save the ball now. Geoff Cameron. Clean it up, or let’s get someone who will.
“Clint Dempsey. Yeah, you’re a national team legend; now we need you to be a national team leader.
“Michael Bradley. The U.S. does not need you to be zen, the U.S. needs you to play better. Jozy Altidore. Is this really as good as it gets? Because it’s still not good enough.”
“Bruce Arena. Jurgen Klinsmann lost at home to Mexico. You lost at home to Costa Rica. This is now all on you, not Jurgen.”

Just unrivaled savagery from Lalas. If that didn’t get the USMNT fired up to come out and dominate their next match, I’m not sure what will.

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