Is Tampa International Airport Really Under Water?

A jaw-dropping photo surfaced on Instagram, showing Tampa International Airport completely submerged with partial portions of airplanes sticking out of the water. However, people in the area are now saying that this picture as an example of “fake news.” According to the TPA’s official Twitter account, the airport is not underwater and is expected to open its doors to the public this week. Tampa did experience some flooding on Monday. However, they didn’t receive flooding high enough to engulf entire airplanes.
Sorry, folks. But this photo is fake news…

Obviously no flights are scheduled for today. However, TPA says that flights will most likely resume Tuesday or Wednesday…

The airport saw minimal damage from the storm. TPA experienced sustained winds of 52 mph, with a peak gust of 66 mph.

Tampa was spared from much of Irma’s carnage. The storm first moved into the city as a Category 2 hurricane. However, Irma’s eye traveled further east than the National Hurricane Center had predicted. Polk County was at the center of the storm, and it’s largest city known as Lakeland received massive amounts of wind and rain.
Meanwhile, Hillsborough County endured sustained winds ranging from 50 to 60 mph, with gusts reaching 70 mph. This resulted in trees and power lines collapsing, with many people losing electricity. Although, this county now sees sunny skies after the hurricane passed over the land.
Numerous flights heading into Tampa have been grounded, essentially leaving many passengers stranded. The Tampa International Airport is expected to be reopened until Tuesday or Wednesday. If you’re planning on using TPA’s services this week, you’re encouraged to check the status of the flight with your airline. This also goes to people whose flights were cancelled as a result of Hurricane Irma. As a direct result of the storm, flights are expected to be rescheduled this week.
If you’re looking for airport updates, check out the Tampa International Airport’s Twitter page here.

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