Hurricane Irma Miami Photos: Must-See Videos & Pictures

Hurricane Irma has downgraded to a tropical storm on Monday, but is still potentially life-threatening as a result of storm surges and flooding. Miami really received the smack-down from the hurricane. Millions are without power in Florida as a result of gushing floods.
So far, two million people are without power and five Floridians are dead. On Sunday morning, a Florida correctional officer and a sheriff died after a head-on collision  during Hurricane Irma in Hardee County, the Miami Herald reported.
ABC reported “one person was found dead in a home in Shark Key on Sunday.” Meanwhile, two people were found dead in Monroe County, which is part of the Florida Keys.
Want to see the devastation left behind by Irma in Miami? Check below to see video footage and photos of the damage…
“Drone footage shows a nearly deserted Miami Beach one day after,” CNN tweeted:

“BREAKING: Miami-Dade, Broward public schools closed indefinitely after Irma,” The Miami Herald announced:

It appears as if the buildings are floating in the sea. The Instagram update translates to “Irma floods Miami and devastates the Keys.”
“We got really lucky, @elisafayemakes tweeted. “But, fallen trees everywhere in Miami. Damn you #Irma.

Some people are taking advantage of the five-finger discount deals as barely any police were on the street as a result the storm. Although, some suspected looters were caught on camera…
“Criminal Savages in Miami Looting a Foot Locker store during Hurricane Irma,” @IWillRedPillYou said. “The Mainstream Media REFUSES to show you this!”
“Miami police share picture of Hurricane Irma looters in jail,” @abc13houston tweeted:

Shocking images left #Irma on #Miami. Degraded from hurricane to tropical storm. Thousands remain without electricity,” Tweeted Noticias 4Visión.

This gas station got wrecked…

MiamiDiario tweeted out in Spanish, “BBC World Report: Irma in the Heart of Miami”

TN23 Tweeted out that “An enormous crane collapses in Miami due to strong winds from Hurricane Irma.”

Irma showed no mercy and tore the roof of a house in the Tweet below. Watch the video of the intense storm wrecking havoc in its wake…

You gotta love dogs though, even (especially) in a hurricane…

The Miami Zoo made sure to keep their animals safe during the storm…

Miami-Dade police are assessing the damage on the street caused by Hurricane Irma…

At around 9:10 A.M., Hurricane Irma first made contact with the U.S. in the Cudjoe Key. The National Hurricane Center quickly responded to this disturbance with “Hurricane #Irma makes landfall at Cudjoe Key in the lower Florida Keys.”
The NHC also wrote: ““The center of Hurricane Irma made landfall at Cudjoe Key in the lower Florida Keys at 9:10 am EDT. A gust to 106 mph (171 km/h) was just reported at the National Key Deer Refuge in Big Pine Key.”
The biggest reason why people are dying because of drowning in the storm is because of storm surges. One to fifteen foot storm surges are expected along the west coast of Florida, from Marco Island to the Florida Keys.
“Storm surge flooding of 10-15 ft is now expected along the SW Florida coast,” the NHC wrote in a tweet. “This is a dire and life-threatening situation.”

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