Hurricane Irma Marco Island Photos: Aftermath Videos & Pictures


Hurricane Irma ravaged the Marco Islands, leaving behind a path of destruction and flood water. “Naples and Marco Island registered the strongest winds during the storm, topping out at 142 mph in Naples,” CBS News reported.

Marco Island, #Florida, tras el paso del huracán #Irma. Fotos: MarcoIslandPD.

— Gabriel G. Marquez (@G_GarciaMarquez) September 11, 2017

So far, two million people are without power and five Floridians are dead. On Sunday morning, a Florida correctional officer and a sheriff died after a head-on collision  during Hurricane Irma in Hardee County, the Miami Herald reported.

Lots of debris strewn about streets on Marco Island, from trees to street signs. #AfterIrma fox4now

— Max Darrow (@MaxDarrowTV) September 11, 2017

ABC reported “one person was found dead in a home in Shark Key on Sunday.” Meanwhile, two people were found dead in Monroe County, which is part of the Florida Keys.

First look at a damaged home here on Marco Island, about 1/3 of the roof is off. #HurricaneIrma #AfterIrma @fox4now @kgun9

— Max Darrow (@MaxDarrowTV) September 11, 2017

Want to see some video footage and more photos of the chaos and disarray brought about by Hurricane Irma?

Earlier Monday, a dolphin was rescued from the storm…

NEWS: People on Marco Island banded together this morning to rescue two dolphins — 1 adult & 1 baby — who were stranded on the beach. 🐬🐬

— 93 WIBC Indianapolis (@93wibc) September 11, 2017

“Before and After pics only a block away from my parents’ home 😥 #marcoisland #hurricaneimra,” @Breyoncee tweeted:

Before and After pics only a block away from my parents' home 😥 #marcoisland #hurricaneimra

— brelynn (@Breyoncee) September 11, 2017

People fear the worst…

We do fear casualties: Marco Island official | MSNBC

— Richard Lazzara (@shankargallery) September 11, 2017

Check out the flooding…

El huracán Irma toca tierra en Marco Island, en la costa suroeste de Florida #RD #REPUBLICADOMINICANA

— Comunidad Dominicana (@keloke_RD) September 11, 2017

Conor Duffy tweeted out a video of himself driving into Naples/Marco Island area:

Difficult conditions heading towards Marco Island and Naples

— Conor Duffy (@conorduffynews) September 11, 2017

Here’s a fish swimming down the street…

Check out what one resident saw swimming down the street on Marco Island after Hurricane Irma flooded the streets.

— 9 & 10 News (@9and10News) September 11, 2017

This video shows the aftermath of the storm…

Some damage on South Seas Ct. passing Bonita Ct. on #marcoisland #hurricaneirma #marcostrong #irma2017 #swfl #colliercounty #irmadamage

— The Bohemian Celiac (@bohemianceliac) September 11, 2017

A call tower was destroyed in the island…

Cell tower destroyed Marco Island

— julie k. brown (@jkbjournalist) September 11, 2017

Collier County was incredibly flooded, but no fatalities have been reported…

Hurricane Irma: Collier County, home to Naples and Marco Island, reports miracle of no fatalities via @ndn

— George Stanley (@geostanley) September 11, 2017

Irma really leveled this tree on Marco Island…

Marco Island fl

— julie k. brown (@jkbjournalist) September 11, 2017

This stop sign post is more than half-way submerged in flood water…

Hurricane Irma made landfall on Marco Island shortly after 3:30 p.m. with recorded winds of 130 mph and storm…

— David Burn (@davidburn) September 11, 2017

Here’s more footage of the intense storm as its eye hits Marco Island…

Here is a translated tweet from Luis Fajardo regarding Irma in the island, “Floods near Marco Island, on the southwest coast of Florida.” Fajardo shows a picture of a tree lying in the road.

Inundaciones cerca de Marco Island, en la costa suroccidental de Florida #irma

— Luis Fajardo (@LuisFajardo20) September 11, 2017

Here’s one more look into the chaos that happened on Marco Island…

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