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Tom Brady Got Straight Roasted Last Night & We Are HERE For It


So, the New England Patriots got their asses handed to them in the season opener and approximately no one saw it coming. I certainly didn’t as I took the Pats -8.5. But my crappy gambling habit is not what we ‘re talking about here — we’re here to talk about the Patriots getting diddled on national television by the Kansas City Chiefs and the memes it produced, most notably, angry Tom Brady.

With the realization of both the loss and that playing to age 45 may not be as easy as he thought, Brady appeared to be angrily staring into the ether with about two minutes to go in the fourth quarter, spawning whats now known as Angry Tom Brady.

While one game is certainly too early to jump to any conclusions about the Patriots, something was definitely off about Brady last night. Could it be first game rust, or maybe the loss of Julian Edelman? Definitely. But there’s also the chance that Brady finally met his match — father time.

In all likelihood, though, the Patriots go 12-4 and at the very least, play in the AFC Championship game.

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