Hurricane Irma 2017: Miami-Dade Evacuation Map, Zones & Shelters

Miami-Dade county officials are expecting the worst after Hurricane Irma swept through Puerto Rico with 180 mph sustained winds.  Officials are expecting that Category 5 hurricane to greatly damage the Miami-Dade area, so they have ordered mandatory evacuations for Zone A and Zone B barrier islands. All Miami-Dade schools have cancelled class and closed down for at least Thursday and Friday.
Communities were ordered to evacuated as of 7 a.m. Thursday morning Miami-Dade issued the following statement pressing upon the necessity to evacuate.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has issued a mandatory evacuation order for mobile homes, residents of Zone A, and the Barrier Islands, which include: Bal Harbour, Bay Harbour Islands, Golden Beach, Indian Creek Village, Miami Beach, North Bay Village, Sunny Isles Beach and Surfside. This order is effective as of 7 a.m., Thursday, September 7, 2017. All residents are advised to remain calm and to stay tuned to radio and television broadcasts for further advisories. Evacuees should move as soon as possible to the homes of friends or family who live outside of evacuation areas.

Miami is currently under a Hurricane Watch and a Storm Surge Watch in anticipation of Irma. Check out the map below at the Storm Surge Planning Zone. This map will determine when and if you need to evacuate.
Miami-Dade County
The Miami Herald reports that we may be seeing the first major evacuation of Miami-Dade County in 12 years. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez had said that he would issue evacuation orders to the public as soon as late Wednesday or early Thursday. But even before that, his staff was already preparing residents for evacuation in light of a coastal flood threat. Yesterday, Gimenez informed his Twitter followers that a number of shelters had opened up in the area for people fleeing and seeking shelter from the impending Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma 2017: Miami-Dade County Evacuation Zones

The zones closest to the coast (Zones A and B) will be the first areas to be evacuated under the planned orders. The Herald notes that more areas may be ordered to evacuated soon if the necessity arises.

Most of Coastal Miami-Dade (Zone A) has been ordered to evacuate, while Miami Beach (Zone B) has been ordered to do the same. What to see if your home falls within one of these two zones? Click here and type in your address on the upper left corner and find out if you will need to evacuate.
“This is a powerful storm which poses a serious threat to our area. We will be taking some extraordinary actions to ensure that the residents of Miami-Dade County are safe,” Gimenez said on Tuesday. “I would rather inconvenience our residents on this occasion than suffer any unnecessary loss of life if we are hit by Hurricane Irma.”

Local10 reports that shelters have already opened up for those in need, and evacuations for those in special need will start on Wednesday. County offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has asked tourists to leave the area before Irma hits. The mayor told the public that shelters should only be seen as a last resort and police won’t be checking in on residents to assure that evacuation orders have been met.

Gimenez held off on ordering a Mandatory Evacuation until at least late Wednesday. Residents living on barrier islands and low-lying areas may be asked to leave before the hurricane arrives.
Look below and find out a full list of all the open shelters that are taking in people fleeing from Hurricane Irma. All shelter-related info has been extracted from from

Hurricane Irma 2017: Miami-Dade County Shelters

There are eight shelters available for those fleeing Hurricane Irma. Residents can also dial 311 to find out more evacuation details. Shelters that are opened right now are marked in bold.
Northeast Miami-Dade County
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior – 1410 NE 215th Street, North Miami-Dade 33179
Highland Oaks Middle – 2375 NE 203rd Street, North Miami-Dade 33180
North Miami Beach Senior – 1247 NE 167th Street, North Miami Beach 33162
North Miami Senior – 13110 NE 8th Avenue, North Miami 33161
Miami Central Senior – 1781 NW 95th Street, Miami 33147
Miami-Dade County Fair and Exhibition (PET FRIENDLY), 10901 Coral Way, Miami
Northwest Miami-Dade County
Miami Carol City Senior – 3301 Miami Gardens Drive, Miami Gardens 33056
Lawton Chiles Middle – 8190 NW 197th Street, Northwest Miami-Dade 33015
Country Club Middle – 18305 NW 75th Place, Northwest Miami-Dade 33015
Barbara Goleman Senior – 14100 NW 89th Avenue, Miami Lakes 33018
Hialeah Gardens Senior – 11700 Hialeah Gardens Blvd., Hialeah Gardens 33018
Central Miami-Dade County
Booker T. Washington Senior – 1200 NW 6th Avenue, City of Miami 33136
Charles Drew Middle – 1801 NW 60th Street, City of Miami 33142
Ronald Reagan Senior – 8600 NW 107th Avenue, Doral 33178
Miami Coral Park Senior – 8865 SW 16th Street, Westchester 33165
W.R. Thomas Middle – 13001 SW 26th Street, West Miami-Dade 33175
Southern Miami-Dade County
South Miami Senior – 6856 SW 53rd Street, South Miami 33155
Terra Environmental Senior – 11005 SW 84th Street, Miami 33173
Felix Varela Senior – 15255 SW 96th Street West, Kendall 33196
Robert Morgan Senior – 18180 SW 122nd Avenue, Miami 33177
South Dade Senior – 28401 SW 167th Avenue, Homestead 33030
Click here for details on the Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program, which is set up to assist people evacuating the hurricane. You can also evacuate via bus transportation at an Emergency Evacuation Pick-up Sites, provided by Miami-Dade County. Here is a full list of pick-up stops.

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