Hurricane Irma 2017: Live Radar, Map & Satellite Stream

Hurricane Irma is shaping up to be a real monster, as this Category 5 storm is barreling through the Atlantic with sustained winds up to 185 mph (currently around 175 mph). The storm tore through the Caribbean, greatly affecting small island-based nations such as Barbados, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. The death toll of Irma has risen to 11 causalities so far. The storm is expected to head over to South Florida late this week or into the weekend. Miami-Dade has already ordered evacuations in preparation of Hurricane Irma.
Looking to keep an eye of the storm? Check out the video below to see a live radar feed of Hurricane Irma. The audio of the video is a constant stream of Irma updates.

The storm has slowed down its pace. It was once spewing sustained winds as high as 185 mph. But now the Category 5 hurricane has reduced its wind speed to about 175 mph. But those winds are still incredibly dangerous and damaging, as Irma ransacked Barbados, leaving roughly 90 percent of the nation’s buildings in a damaged state.
But back to tracking Irma. Below are some national and local feeds of the active hurricane. Some of these feeds may go down periodically, so I will update these videos accordingly. Check back for updates and look below to keep better track of Irma.

Hurricane Irma 2017: Radar & Path

The good people over at The Washington Post are providing a nonstop feed of Hurricane Irma’s radar and path…

Here’s another feed, keeping track of Irma. This stream and satellite loop is provided by the Texas Navy Dispatch:

Here’s a CNN stream of the hurricane (nothing about Trump this time, shockingly):

And finally, we have a live feed from The Weather Channel. At the moment, this channel isn’t broadcasting Hurricane Irma updates, but will likely be airing more updates in the near future…

Hurricane Irma 2017 Maps

Below is a map of Hurricane Irma’s predicted trajectory starting from last Tuesday and ending this Sunday in South Florida…

Hurricane Irma 2017: Forecast, Map, Path & Live Updates

National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Irma 2017: Miami-Dade Evacuation Map, Zones & Shelters
Hurricane Irma 2017: Miami-Dade Evacuation Map, Zones & Shelters
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