Hurricane Katia 2017: Forecast, Map, Path & Live Updates

A new hurricane popped up in the Atlantic Wednesday afternoon. Hurricane Katia is a Category 1 storm that graduated to hurricane status only hours after being named a tropical storm. This swirling giant can be found in the southwest Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center.
The storm is threatening to head over mainland Mexico tomorrow. Katia is currently about 185 miles northeast of the Mexican state of Veracruz, which is under hurricane watch. The Category 1 storm is currently moving southwest at 3 mph as of 4 P.M. Wednesday afternoon. Katia has reached sustained winds of 75 mph.
“Little overall motion is anticipated through tonight, but a southwestward drift should begin tomorrow,” according to the NHC.
Katia is the 11th named storm of the Hurricane season.

Hurricane Katia 2017: Forecast, Map, Path & Live Updates

Hurricane Katia is expected to send 5-10 inches of rainfall over northern Veracruz, as well as 2-5 inches over southern Veracruz, southern Tamaulipas and northeast Puebla through early Saturday.
Meanwhile, Hurricane Jose is another hurricane that has formed in the Atlantic. Jose is roughly 1,000 miles west of the Caribbean.
But let’s get back to Katia. According to Mexico’s National Meteorological Service, this Category 1 hurricane is expected to hit the state of Veracruz Friday evening or Saturday morning.
Katia is not expected to move northward into Hurricane Harvey affected territory, as a dry patch of air over Texas and Louisiana prevents this passage. According to a projected path by the National Hurricane Center, Katia is expected to pass through Veracruz and move onto Mexico’s mainland.

Mexico’s president President Enrique Peña Nieto made an announcement on Twitter, proclaiming that he had already began  coordinating emergency preparedness.

President Nieto’s Twitter message translate to: “I have given instructions to activate #PlanMX in the face of Hurricane #Katia. The objective: to coordinate the preventive actions of @GobMX.”
Good luck with that upcoming hurricane Mexico. Florida and much of the Caribbean already have a lot to worry about with Hurricane Irma, the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Atlantic Basin…

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