Hurricane Irma Memes 2017: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images

Getting ready for Hurricane Irma? You may want to grab hold of some supplies: bottled water, canned and dried goods, dank memes, those kind of things. Seriously, this storm is going to be strong as f*ck. It’s already considered a Category 5 and may be threatening the islands of the Caribbean this Wednesday, as it poses the potential to hit Antigua, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Over the weekend, the storm may move onto the continental United States, targeting Southern Florida.
Plenty of Southern Floridians are forming massive lines outside local stores. They’re probably hoping that this hurricane won’t turn out to be another Harvey. That other hurricane hit Texas like they talked bad about its mama.
What’s the best thing to do during a hurricane like this? Stay safe, prepared and don’t get stressed out. Sometimes it’s better to laugh at the storm than shiver in fear on anticipation of destruction. Don’t let the hurricane win!
Go ahead. Yuck it up. It’s not like the hurricane will be affecting you. Oh, wait…

Seems scary as f*ck right now, but okay….

Hurricane Velma from Scooby-Doo is up next, folks!

That hurricane tho…

Damn…Irma thick!
I feel like I should be triggered in some way…

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Shooting Reported Near Harvard University Campus
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