WATCH: Rutgers’ Darnell Davis Annihilate Washington QB Jack Browning With A Wicked Tackle

Rutgers is getting some serious revenge on Washington for last year’s game. Tonight, Scarlet Knights’ player Darnell Davis almost knocked Huskies’ quarterback Jack Browning into next week. This makes up for that September 2016 game in Seattle when Washington ran roughshod over Rutgers, leaving the arena with the Husky Stadium with an incredible final score of 48-13. This must have really pissed off some people over at Rutgers.

Last year, Washington decimated Rutgers. But tonight, a Scarlet Knight stands tall. Jack Browning gets annihilated and the Huskies don’t even back him up, virtually leaving their star quarterback open for the tackle.

Oh. My. Gosh. Darnell Davis just murdered Jake Browning in broad daylight

— Jack McGuire (@JackMacCFB) September 2, 2017

How’d Jack ever get up from that?

Jake Browning absolutely rocked.

— LJ Chaney (@pacificscouting) September 2, 2017

Lights out for Jackie boy!

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