Tropical Storm Harvey 2017 Photos: Must-See Pictures Of The Storm

Tropical Storm Harvey has passed over southeast Texas. However, record rainfalls and massive amounts of flooding still cripple the region. Many people are without power and water, while charitable individuals and rescue workers rush to their aid with supplies, providing the needy citizens of Houston with food, water, diapers, and more.
Despite all the damage and disarray caused by the storm, many residents are trying to return to their daily routines. But supplies are low, and people are doing what they can to get their hands on necessities for themselves and their families. Large lines are wrapping around local grocery stores. One store had a line 60-people deep, as they waited their turn for gallons of water.
Some people used this opportunity as a way to teach their children about the importance of providing charity to the less fortunate. One little five-year-old girl stood outside a Target parking lot with her parents, with six bottles of water, two boxes of strawberry flavored Fruit Roll-ups and some stuffed animals. “It’s an important lesson,” said the girl’s mother, Lauren. “She has to learn not everyone is as fortunate as she is.”
Even toddlers are helping out with donations. David Immler and Katherine Konker are using the storm to teacher their 2-year-old daughter about the importance of giving back. “It’s important to give back and that’s what we wanted to teach [Abigail],” Immler said. “She even helped paint the sign.”
There’s a pop-up donation stand in Houston. Friends, neighbors and relatives of the struggling storm survivors have provided water, diapers, baby formula and canned goods.
Meanwhile, a curfew has been set between midnight and 5 A.M., as a means to prevent any potential looting. On the first night of the curfew there wasn’t a single arrest. And the streets at night remain silent.
Beaumont’s water supply has been completely knocked out as a result of Hurricane Harvey. As a result, the city has lost both its primary and secondary water supplies. “We will have to wait until the water levels from this historical flood recede before we can determine the extent of damage and make any needed repairs,” the city said in a statement. “There is no way to determine how long this will take at this time.”
Two levees broke in southeast Texas, causing major flooding and water damage to the surrounding neighbors. Addicks and Barker Reservoir overflowed and both reservoir outlets were opened, causing major flooding. Roadways near the reservoirs are underwater. Many homes were flooded as a result; roughly 3,000 homes near Addicks were overwhelmed with water, while roughly 1,000 homes near Barker were heavily flooded as well.

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