Enraged LFL Coach Chris Michaelson Blows A Gasket At His Squad During Half-Time

Legend Football League coach Chris Michaelson has a storied history of meltdowns. It’s what drives the ratings on Fuse besides the fact that there’s women in lingerie playing football. Michaelson has a lot of attitude, and hopes that his ruthless aggression rubs off on the ladies when they take the field. Here’s a guy that doesn’t pull punches and he’ll scream in your face and tell you it’s for your own good.

This guy Michaelson would work very well as a drill instructor. Perhaps, there’s a role open for him in any potential remake of Full Metal Jacket. Either way, getting yelled isn’t all that bad if you’re receiving a nice paycheck in the mail….oh wait…none of the players from the LFL receive a salary for their work on the field. They don’t receive a single cent. Actually, they have to pay a $45 registration fee each year. And…no medical coverage whatsoever. Bummer, ladies.

The Seattle Mist is the poor team that has to put up with all of Chris Michaelson’s sh*t. They were even winning 20-6 in the Western Conference Championship. But despite the lead, Michaelson still decided to lay into his team like there was no tomorrow. He didn’t want his gals to slip up. So, he nearly blew a gasket.

Well, coach Chris Michaelson’s pep-talk paid off, as the Seattle Mist won the game and became the Western Conference Champions. They’ll now go onto Legends Cup 2017.


LFL Coach Chris Michaelson Chews Out Seattle Mist Video

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