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Jazz Egger: Hottest Photos On The Internet


Jazz Egger, a 20-year-old London-based model, has come out with bombshell accusations against the fashion industries after she claims she was offered cash to sleep with wealthy clientele.

According to Egger, “big agencies” offer young models millions of dollars to sleep with rich clients in order to advance their careers. The Daily Mail story says that Egger even claims that she told that “two young supermodels who have become household names have ‘spent time’ with men for money in order to get ahead in their career.”

Egger, who has just 35,000 Instagram followers (a relatively low number for an Instagram ‘model’), claims she was told that one of the world’s biggest modeling agencies was a “partner client” of the company that approached her for prostitution.

Jazz Egger

via Daily Mail:

She was contacted by a second man who invited her to a private dinner with a ‘famous actor’ at a popular celebrity haunt – and advised that she would need to be comfortable with the ‘natural intimacy’ that followed. When the then teen replied that she was ‘a model and not an escort’, she alleges the man – known only as George – shot back: ‘It’s the most normal thing in the industry, everyone does it.’ Shockingly, the agent claimed that two well-known fashion models have accepted vast sums of cash in return for ‘spending time’ with his clients.

He told her: ‘[The models] realise the value of money and how much of a difference it can make. And everyone enjoys having sex especially with good-looking guys. What is the shame? Society creates double standards that make women feel guilty.’

He added: ‘That is how the fashion industry works’ and even claimed that ‘most models get to where they were through something like this’. George even told Jazz that one of the most established modeling agencies in the world was a ‘partner client’ of the company that had approached her for sex work.

Egger uploaded some of the alleged messages to her personal blog:

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