Houston Texas Flooding Photos: Must-See Pictures OF Houston Flood

Tropical Storm Harvey has swept through southeast Texas, causing an incredible amount of flooding, particularly in the Houston area. History-making events are occurring as a result of the ongoing flood. The 108-foot Addicks Reservoir in Houston has been breached, causing uncontrollable flooding in the neighboring communities. Meanwhile, Mary’s Creek at Winding Road just broke a new rainfall record.
But back to the reservoir. The Houston’s Addicks Reservoir was breached for the first time in history. A meteorologist with the Harris County (Texas) Flood Control District, Jay Linder, called this breach “something we’ve never seen before.” And as the reservoirs continues to rise, so will the water flowing into the communities. Linder added, “This is not going to happen fast, this is a slow rise.”
Brazoria County officials took to Twitter to send out a red alert in citizens. In Columbia Lakes, south of Houston, another levee was breached. City officials responded immediately with a message, urging residents to “GET OUT NOW!!” because “The levee at Columbia Lakes has been breached!!”

Congratulations are in order for Mary’s Creek at Winding Road because they just broke a new record! The town received the most recorded rainfall in a tropical storm with 49.20 inches of rain overall. The previous record was 48 inches.
From the bottom to the top of this article, you’ll be able to see plenty of must-see photos of this astonishing flood that has hit many areas of Houston, Texas…

What Is Happening With The Houston, Texas Flood Right Now?
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