Australian College Student Attacks Fellow Student With A Baseball Bat

An unidentified college student in Australia pulled out a baseball bat in class and started hitting fellow students over the head with it. The suspect injured four before being taken down and restrained.
According to reports, the attack happened on Friday, August 25, around 9:15 AM local time at Australian National University in Canberra.
The Canberra Times says that the bat-wielding suspect,  an 18-year-old student, stood up at the back of his statistics class and began swinging at the teacher and his fellow classmates.

via Canberra Times:

ANU security arrived and restrained the attacker until police arrived, who then arrested him and took him to the City Police Station. All four of those injured were taken to Canberra Hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.Police said there was no ongoing threat to public safety.
On Friday evening, an ACT Health spokeswoman said two of the victims had been discharged from the emergency department while two will remain to receive ongoing care for minor injuries.
During the attack, one student took the baseball bat from the attacker and fled, before returning later to the scene and handing the weapon to police.
ACT Policing’s deputy chief police officer Ben Cartwright and ANU deputy vice chancellor Marnie Hughes-Warrington said the incident was isolated and commended the bravery of the students who intervened.

In total, four people were injured when they rushed to restrain the attacker. Police said three women and one man suffered serious injuries.
Australian police are asking anyone with information to contact 131 444.

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