Gunn Narten: Hottest Photos of Norwegian Firefighter

Some people really just have it all. Beautiful model by day, kick ass firefighter by night, we introduce you to Norway’s Gunn Narten, who is now (rightfully) considered the “world’s hottest firefighter.”

Narten, a 30y-year-old from Stavanger, Norway, has over 100,000 Instagram followers after she began sharing pictures of herself at kicking ass at both the gym and on the job.

via Daily Mail:

As well as working as a full-time firefighter, Gunn does CrossFit, strength training, running, swimming and football with the men at work. She wants to use her newfound fame for good and is using her profile to encourage people to spend less time on their phones. The family-orientated beauty believes overusing phones can damage familial relationships.

She wants people to make time every day to put their phones down so they can ‘make life good living’.
Gunn became a firefighter when she was just 20 years old and said even though there have been frightening situations she very rarely gets scared in her work.

Gunn previously admitted that she faced some backlash when she applied to become a firefighter at 19.
She said: ‘When I applied for the job in the fire department my mom said: “I have never heard of a female firefighter before…why you?” And I answered: “why not me?”

Frankly, if you’re willing to able to serve, you should be able to. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be a party of her firefighter crew.

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