Asuka, WWE: Hottest Photos On The Internet

“The Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka has been on a hot streak ever since she arrived on WWE’s NXT brand. She’s the longest reigning NXT Champion as well as having the longest undefeated steak in WWE history. She’s a kick-ass athlete from Japan who has demolished every opponent in her path.
Asuka started her wrestling career back in 2004 under the ring name Kana. She honed her craft, studying the top Japanese wrestlers in the game. Throughout the years, she’s taken home numerous championships, including winning the Smash Divas Championship twice, the JWP Openweight Championship, the Reina World (and Women’s) Tag Team Championship, and much more.
Upon her arrival to NXT in 2015, Asuka was welcomed to the brand like a returning hero. She quickly rose through the ranks, winning the NXT Women’s Championship by defeating Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Dallas 2016.
Here’s a good idea on why you don’t mess with Asuka…

But she’s also sexy and she knows it…

Asuka’s so good that Triple H doesn’t even want her to leave NXT. In an interview for  For The Win, he revealed just how important Asuka is to the NXT brand.

“I would never want to limit someone’s growth or their opportunities, but when Vince brought it up to me, I said the one person who we can’t afford to lose is Asuka. You could take everybody else you want to take – and trust me, he did – but I need her as an anchor. If I lose her and everybody else, I’m doomed.”

Triple H knew when WWE got a hold of Asuka, they had latched onto someone special. He immediately felt that she could “change the game” on both NXT and the main event, perhaps even the sport of professional wrestling.

“When we signed her, it made everybody already inside look at who we were bringing in and they were seeing what I was seeing – this girl is going to change the game. She’s changed the main roster too and how the girls work and that intensity level.”

Asuka is doing great! She’s strong, talented, well-accomplished and pretty damn hot too.

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