The Funniest Reactions To The Solar Eclipse On The Internet

A solar eclipse is scheduled to hit the United States today and for the first time in decades and it’s sent the whole country into a tizzy.
In case you haven’t already heard about it ad nauseam already, a solar eclipse is a period in which the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. This wandering moon partially or fully blocks out the sun as a result of its movement relative to the position of both the sun and the Earth. This phenomenon only occurs during the period of a new moon, in which the sun and the moon are in conjunction as seen from Earth’s surface. This alignment is referred to as “syzygy,” which relates to a straight-line configuration involving at least three celestial bodies (sun, earth,
But while everyone else may be looking at the sky for the eclipse itself, I turned my sights to Twitter to see everyone’s reaction to it.

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